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Setting up your Instagram Profile correctly setting up your instagram profile correctly Setting up your Instagram Profile correctly Setting up your instagtram profile e1413808572242

Your Instagram Profile is the most important part of Instagram after the photos you post. its what will finally make someone click follow so Setting up your Instagram Profile correctly is extremely important! Here you will learn how to Set up your Instagram profile correctly so that it best represents you and your brand.

1.In the Instagram app click on the profile button. This is the button on the bottom right that looks like a business card.
2.Click on “Edit Your Profile” to start editing your Instagram profile.
3. Fill out all your details on this page. Enter in your website address,Bio,Gender and other info.

Setting up your Instagram Bio 

The Bio is the most important part of your Instagram profile! It tells people who you are and what they can expect from your account. Besides for your pictures it is what makes your potential audience either follow you or decide to move on. You only have 140 characters to sell yourself or your business. So sit down and really think it out. Decide what kind of character you want to portray,Formal? Maybe funky and hip? Its up to you. At the end of the day you know what you and your brand represent.

Your Profile Picture 

4. Click on the “Edit” button next to the faceless head to upload a profile picture. This picture should represent you or your business.

Your profile picture is what instagramers have to click on to get to your profile! Think of it as your virtual button. They have to click this button to get to your profile and they have to be on your profile to follow you! In other words people have to use this”button” so you yet again need to decide how this button will represent you and/or your brand. If you a individual having a close up of your face(to represent you) is great! You could
5.Post are private allows you to choose whether your pictures can be seen by only people you allow to see them(You have to accept everyone who wants to follow you) If you are a business and an individual wanting to increase your influence online and grow your audience we highly recommend not using this feature.

6.Click done.

You have successfully setup your Instagram profile.

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