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Instagram Training For Beginners

Trued Social’s Instagram training for beginners dives deep into everything you need to know about getting started on Instagram. From creating an account for the first time all the way up to how to use hashtags correctly Trued Social has you filtered(Um we mean covered) So have a look around and check out our content! If you are already Instagram savvy check out our Advanced Instagram Training and/or How Brands are Using Instagram.

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1.Downloading Instagram

Learn how to quickly download Instagram onto your device so you can get started using this powerful Social Network.

-How to find and download the Instagram app to your phone.

2.Creating an Instagram Account

Learn how to create an Instagram account and learn the best way to create the account to get you the exposure you looking for.
-Creating your Instagram account
-How to sign Up to Instagram using Facebook
-Choosing the best Username to get you the most exposure

3.Setting Up Your Instagram Profile

Learn how to Set up your Instagram account so you can get more followers and likes on the Popular Social Network. In this video We will show you how to set up your Instagram profile so you get the most exposure.

-Setting up your Instagram profile
-Grow your audience by optimising your Profile
-Changing your Profile Photo,your Bio and other information
-Why your profile picture is so important on Instagram

4.Finding People To follow On Instagram

Learn how to find users and brands to follow on instagram. You will learn how to search for users and how to use Hashtags to find people to follow that have the same interest as you.

-How to find and follow users on Instagram.
-Finding people with the same interests as you to follow.
-Using Hashtags to find people to Follow
-How to get yourself more followers by following your correct target market.

5.Exploring Instagram

Learn how to explore Instagram and navigate through all the different tabs and settings. In this video we will teach you:

-How to Use the Home Screen on Instagram
-What the explore feature is and how to use it.
-Where to find the camera uploading tool.
-Everything you need to know about the notification centre and hot to get to it.
-How to Use the News Tab on Instagram.
-Where to find your Profile and Why its important to set it up correctly.

6.Taking A Photo Directly from Instagram

Learn how to take a photo directly from the Instagram app and immediately add the filters and changes you need. This is the quickest way to upload content onto Instagram.

-How to Take a photo or Video straight from Instagram
-The quickest way to add content to Instagram
-How to add a grid to your camera
-How to add a flash to your camera

7.Uploading Content you have already captured to Instagram

In this video you will learn how to upload photo’s and videos that you have already taken onto Instagram. This is the best way to add content to Instagram as you can choose which content is the best content to upload so Trued Social highly recommends this option.

-Uploading your own photos and videos to Instagram that you have already taken
-Why you should only upload content you have already taken.

8.Tagging People in photos on Instagram that have already been uploaded

Did you know that you are able to tag people in Instagram posts even after they have been uploaded? This is great especially when A friend for example joins Instagram after you uploaded the post or you were unaware that use was on Instagram in the first place.

-How to Tag users in photos on instagram.
-Tagging multiple users in an instagram photo or video.

9.Removing Yourself From an Instagram Photo or Video you are tagged in.

You are able to remove tags that people have added to their photos and videos in instagram. You can also keep the tag on the instagram post but remove the post from your profile page:

-How to remove a tag from a post you are tagged in.
-How to remove the picture/Video from your profile but keep the tag on the photo.
-How to report a photo you tagged in to Instagram for removal.

10.Deleting photo’s on Instagram

You are able to delete photos and videos you have uploaded to Instagram. You are unable to remove photos others have uploaded but you can report the post to Instagram for removal:

-How to remove a photo or video from Instagram.

11.Navigating an Instagram profile

An Instagram bio houses all of that users information like photos,profile pictures and so much more. In this video you will learn how to navigate a users bio and find out:

-How Many followers a user has.
-How to see a users world map.
-Different ways to views a users posts from their bio.
-How to  See posts that user is tagged in.

12.Removing the Geo Data on an Instagram photo or video

You are able to strip the Location data from an Instagram post so that users can no longer see where that photo was taken and so that photo doesn’t show up on your Map:

-How To remove the location data from your posts.
-Mass removing all the geo-data on all your posts at once.

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