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How to Tag Users In Your Instagram Post  how to tag users in your instagram post How to Tag Users In Your Instagram Post  Tagging Users in instagram posts e1413813787133How to Tag Users In Your Instagram Post
If you have already posted an image or video on Instagram and now would like to tag a user in that picture it is possible. Usually you will tag people in pictures when uploading the content for the first time but there are a number of reasons why you might have skipped this step for example your friend may have not been on Instagram at the time.

Tagging a user in an old Instagram post is easy.
1.Go find the photo you would like to add the user tag too.
2.click the button with the 3 dots and now click tag people.
3.Select the part of the photo you would like to tag and search for the user and click on the user.
4.Repeat if you need to add another person.
5.click save.

Why You Should tag people in posts
Tagging people in posts will give you more exposure and link backs to your photos and content. The first piece of exposure you will receive is that the account you tag will get a notification saying they tagged in a post and a link to go see the post. The second piece of exposure is the picture will be listed under that tagged accounts “tagged section” which is on their profile page. This page shows all the posts that that specific user has been tagged in. When someone goes and and looks through a user they interested in they will see your photo which give you more exposure to likes and followers.

you have successfully tagged your post!

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