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How to Navigate the Instagram App How to Navigate the Instagram App How to Navigate the Instagram App  How to Navigate the Instagram App

Instagram is a powerful tool when you know how to use the app to find pictures and people around the world so you can interact with them and build up your exposure. But it can be very overwhelming for some when exploring Instagram. In this article you will learn how to navigate the Instagram App and some neat tricks to make it easier and to help you grow you and/or your brand. We will go through all the different menus on the Instagram app and how you can use them correctly to get the goals you looking for.

The Home Screen
When you open up Instagram you will automatically be shown the home page. This is where you view all the pictures your followers have posted,This is also known as a Timeline.In your time line you can like and comment on the people you follows content and by clicking the triple dots on the bottom right hand side of the description you are able to share other peoples post to Facebook, tweet the picture to twitter and just copy the URL to share vie other platforms. You can also report the photo if you believe its breaking Instagram’s terms and conditions.
Explore page: 
The explore page which his the button that looks like a compass or a star allows you to see the most popular pictures and videos on Instagram currently. When a post is extremely popular its called a trending post,Popular posts based on who you follow also show up in the explore page. From the explore page you can also find friends and other Instagram users as well as search for hashtags. For more info on how to use the explore feature check out our article and video on how to follow people on Instagram.
The Camera: 
The camera section of the app is where you are able to take pictures,upload photos and videos and then edit them.This is where you upload all the content you want to share from aswell as where you are able to edit the posts you uploading and add all the data you need to.  We have a great guide on how to use the camera app on Instagram so you can get the most out of Instagram. For more information on how to use the camera function please check out our Video and Article on how to use the camera tool on Instagram.
The notification centre: 
You see that speech bubble with the heart in it? This is where you can see what your followers are up to on instagram. If someone you follow likes,comments or follows someone you will be able to see this here. This allows you to find more potential people to follow.

In the news tab you will be able to see your latests notification. These notifications include likes made by other to your content and comments to your photos. You will also see notifications about new followers in this tab.
The last section is the profile page section. This is where you can view your own profile as well as edit your profile if you would indeed like to do that. You can also change your settings by clicking the settings button on the top right corner of the screen. If you would like more detailed info on setting up your profile we have(Yet again)A in depth video and article so check that out!


You now know what all the different tabs on Instagram are used for and how to navigate twitter correctly. Watch our video above for better understanding!

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