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How to Navigate an Instagram Profile 

An instagramers profile is where all the users content is showed off to the public. It also includes the instagramers bio and information like how many followers that user has and the people that the specific user is following. So lets get straight into it and let trued Social show you How to Navigate an Instagram Profile  and everything you need to know about an instagram profile plus what you can do on the instagram profile section.

A users Instagram Profile.
An instagram profile is where every user has to go to become a follower. For this reason its important for it to be up to date and fresh. The first thing you see on an instagram profile is the users profile picture. Next to the Profile picure is the following:
Posts show how many pieces of content this user has uploaded onto instagram.
Followers shows how many people are following this account.You can click on the followers count to see a list of people who follow this account
Following shows who this user or account is following. You can click on the following count to see a list of who this account follows.

Next you will see either a “+Follow” button meaning you can follow this user or you will see an “✓ Following” button which indicates you are already following this account.Under this you will see the accounts name in bold and just under that a description of the account and the  website address if added.

The four buttons.
Under all the bio infomation you will see four buttons and just under that a list of all the photos this user has uploaded.

Photo View
The first 2 buttons are simply the view you see the pictures as. the first one is the block view which by default it set. This shows all the photos in the bio in blocks running next to each other both down and across. If you pressed the button that looked like lines the pictures in the profile will be shown like they do on your homepage(in a list going down) The pictures are show in full size.

Photo Map
the 3rd button allows you to see where photos were taken on a map.When clicking here a map will come up and you can see where the photos were taken.

Tagged photo’s
And finally the 4th button shows all the post’s that this account has been tagged in.

And its that simple! You now Know how to navigates an Instagram profile.

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