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How To Create an Instagram Account

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In this article you will Learn How To Create An Instagram Account And more importantly Learn The Best Way To Create The Account To Get You The Exposure You Looking For. Creating an Instagram account is really simple to do and anyone with a smart phone with Instagram can do.

Once you have downloaded Instagram the next step is creating an account:

1.Open up the Instagram app on your phone. You will now see the registration section.
2.You will be presented with 3 options. These options are Register with Facebook,Registrar with email and Login.
If you are creating an account for yourself and have a Facebook account we highly recommend using this option as it will link with your Facebook account and let your current Facebook friends who are also on Instagram know you are now using the Social Network. If you creating an account for business you must use the email option!
Note: You can not create an account on Instagram using a Facebook page.
3.Enter in your Email address and the username and password you would like.If your username is taken it the program will alert you.
4.Instagram will confirm your email address with you. Now click Yes.
5.Enter in your other information like your name and phone number. If you are setting up a business or brand make your name the name your company. For example “Trued Social”
6.You now have the option to find Facebook friends using Instagram and contacts with Instagram  For more info on finding friends from other social networks check out our Learning Centre.

You have successfully created an Instagram account!  Your next step is to Setup your Instagram account. Visit our Learning centre for more Tutorials on Instagram.

Visit our Trued Social Learning series on Instagram For Basic’s To learn even more.

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