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Finding People To Follow On Instagram  finding people to follow on instagram Finding People To Follow On Instagram  Finding People To Follow On InstagramHow To

Instagram is just like any other social network. The main aim is to follow accounts that interest you. By Finding People To Follow On Instagram you making Instagram interesting for yourself and at the same time gives you a bit of exposure to the people you start following. How so you ask?Well when you follow someone on Instagram they get a notification on their account saying they have a new follower. 10 to 1 depending on that users popularity they will check who their new follower is. If you have a profile that interests that user there is a huge possibility that they will click the follow back button.

In the Real world similar interests attract the same audience,this is also true on Social Media. So if your Instagram profile is mainly focused on roses and you follower people who also love posting and talking about roses or even flowers its more likely for that user to follow you back due to their immediate interest in what your account has to offer. So following people who have the same interests as you is a great way to start getting followers. Granted you have to be providing content onto the platform that they would indeed be attracted to.

How To Find People To Follow On Instagram 
1.In the Instagram app click on the explore button. This is the button that looks like a star or compass on the bottom left hand of the screen next to the home button.
Explore shows a list of the most popular photos on Instagram currently.
2.Click on the search box that says”Search users and hashtags”
3. You have 2 options when searching. Either search for “Users” or “Hashtags”

Searching for users
If you would like to find a specific person like “Justin Bieber” Type in the name in the search box and keep the option on “users”
4. Once you have found the person you would like to follow click on the user which will take you to their profile. Now click the +Follow button.

Finding people to follow by hashtag: 
Hashtags will allow you to find picture related to specific object or thing. For example if we search for the hashtag “Flowers” any picture that has been tagged with the hashtag “flowers” will show up. For more infomation on Hashtags check out our detailed explanation.
5.Type the hashtag you would like to find pictures of. For example flowers.
6.A list of hashtags will appear. Click on the hashtag you would like to search through.
A list of pictures will apear with all the pictures tagged with that specific hashtag.
7.Select a picture you like and click on the users name or profile picture.
8.Once you have gone through the users picture on the profile and decided to follow them click the “+Follow” Button.

Next step:Learn how to Navigate Instagram correctly.

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