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Let’s be honest, Social Media can be intimidating. Where does one even start? While it might be a bit complicated at the beginning, Trued Social is here to help in more ways than one. Our Learning Centre is a perfect way to learn both the basics and advanced parts of the social network you’re trying to target. But if you want more, Trued Social can do that for you too.
From creating content for your online presence to managing your Social Networks, we also provide in-depth analysis of who your fans really are and whom you should be targeting. We have the product you’re looking for. So, why not have a look below and see what we have to offer you and your brand? And if you still not too sure of things, drop us an email and we will either help you or recommend someone who can. We’re cool like that.

Social Media Marketing

You know that all of your competitors are using Social Media now, right? So instead of doing exactly what they’re doing (or not doing), why not do more? We are able to create Social Media Marketing Campaigns that will get your brand more exposure than ever before and people actually talking about your brand. Increased brand awareness will place you up a level above your competitors and allow you to market the things you love to the people who do too.

You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.”-Pam Moore

Social Media Management

Trust us, we know it’s scary out there. We know some companies are hiding away in their cubicles from Social Media because they are afraid of disgruntled customers going online to complain on social networks. And being on that Social Network makes it worse, RIGHT!? Not quite. Using Social Networks to talk to your customers allows you to stay in control of the conversation. With an online presence, if someone is giving you a bad wrap, you are able to rectify the situation and turn a frown upside down. So stop being afraid and let us start managing your networks to engage with current and potential customers as well as the people out there who love products like yours. We are even able to catch what people are saying to [and about] your competition, which will allow you to step up and actually help your competitor’s clients when they’re in need. You’re that cool. No. You’re cooler!

Advanced Social Media Analytics

So you probably thinking, “Pfft, who needs Social Media Analytics anyways? I can see what’s going on!” But can you really? Do you know how many of your fans are woman and, of those woman, which demographic is most interacting with your brand? Do you know exactly how many people are viewing your tweets or how many are engaging with that specific tweet? Because we can! We can tell you what is making waves on your social networks and what’s not so hot. We can tell you what regions your fans and followers are from and what language they speak. We can do that…and so much more! Together we can target the audience that loves you and start building content that we know they already love.

Content Creation

The Internet is a powerful tool to build your brand and promote your business. By keeping your users entertained with innovative content over different Social Networks keeps your users engaged with your brand. The problem is that you need something to post. That is why Social Trued creates interactive content that is orientated around your customer’s interests specifically for you. Your posts then become unique to YOU and will promote your brand even further.

“People can be really smart or have skills that are directly applicable, but if they don’t really believe in it, then they are not going to really work hard.”

Mark Zuckerberg

Which reminds us, we at Trued Social believe in Social Media. We believe that it isn’t only the gateway to your clients but the gateway to the world. In fact, we don’t only believe in Social Media. We love it!

Online Learning

The internet is a powerful tool to build your brand and promote your business. By keeping your users entertained with amazing content over different social Networks keeps your users engaged with you! The problem is you need something to post. This is why we at trued social are able to create content specifically for you and your customers interests. Your posts then become unique to YOU and will promote your brand even more.

We Teach!

Corporate Training

It’s great that you as a company have taken the plunge into social media and we at Trued Social are so excited about it that we want to teach you as much was we can! Teaching your whole company how social media works will turn every single one of your employees into a potential social media manager. From finding and curating content to post to your fans to supporting their needs on these platforms, Trued Social will teach you and your team how!

Networks we know!

There are tons of Social Networks with millions of users and every month more are released into the world. We understand this and work hard on staying up-to-date with these platforms to evaluate how they perform against their predecessors and how we can use them to grow you and your brand. We also stay current with the existing Social Networks so that we are aware of any new features and how they will benefit you. Here are the sites we specialise in.

Still want more? We can help!

Is there still something you’re looking for? Trued Social can probably assist. While we specialise in the above-mentioned fields, we also have a lot of knowledge in many others. And we’re social humans (psst…we know people who know people) which means we can always get you in touch with the right people to get the job done. So why don’t you say hi and get in touch with us?
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